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CIARRA CREATIVE DESIGN or CCD was established on June 19, 2012. This company firstly started with only a staff and it is a company completely owned by 100% Bumiputra. CCD started with online business and officially rented an outlet at Kuala Kangsar City Counsil (MPKK) business arcade on March 1,2013 adressed No A4, Level 1, Business Arcade MPKK, Daeng Selili Road, 33000 Kuala Kangsar, Perak.
To ensure the business running smoothly, CCD has invested almost 50,000.00 MYR to buy the company utilities including printer, computer and paper. CCD also equipped with internet system (TMnet)and make it easier for the staff to deal with online customers and for them to make requests. We also make discussion with customers on social sites like Facebook or Instagram , as well as save time and costs. This company has its own distinctive features and benefits for customers by making postal services free of charge throughout Malaysia.
  • Wedding Photography.

  • Event Coverages.

  • Corperate.

  • Commercial.

  • Wedding Card.
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